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The proposed initiatives include:
  • Walking Groups
  • Rehabilitation by Walking
  • Healthy Wednesdays
  • Ageing with Style
  • Eating with Style
  • Courses of Medicine at the University of the Third Age

WEDNESDAY OF HEALTH -30 November 2016-

(10.00 Library Bollate)
YOU NEED TO HEAR: how to prevent and cure deafness
In Italy, about 8 million people are suffering from deafness and of these only one million decides to undertake a therapeutic-rehabilitation program because of fear, distrust, false beliefs, poor information ... Rehabilitation of deafness can be achieved with good results especially if we intervene early.

To have good hearing is not only important to "feel" but also to live better.People with poor hearing have a higher risk of depression and falls due to bad balance control, a faster decline in cognitive abilities and a shorter lifespan.So it is important an early diagnosis is made, and rehabilitation treatment is performed as soon as possible ".

Presented by:Dr. Daniela Soi, Specialist in Otolaryngology at the Audio Service - Vestibologia Policlinico di Milano

Consultant at the "Corte della Salute" Medical Centre - Bollate

WEDNESDAY OF HEALTH -26 October 2016-

(10.00 Library Bollate) BREAST
CANCER: Know it to prevent
Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women.It affects 1 in every 10 women, and is the leading cause of cancer death in women.

While the causes are unknown, some risk factors have been identified that you should know about.Every woman should also be familiar with their breasts to be able to catch any changes.If cancer is found while it is still very small, there are excellent opportunities for treating it.

The meeting will analyse the possible risk factors for the development of breast cancer, so that every woman can be aware of their individual risks.The techniques available for correct and early diagnosis will be assessed, along with the foundation for a good prognosis in cases of illness and future cures.

Presented by: Dr. Alessandra Sartani
Specialist in General Surgery
General Departmental Unit for Breast Cancer -
Division of General Surgery II Ospedale Luigi Sacco
Consultant at the "Corte della Salute" Medical Centre - Bollate


( 10.00 HOURS Bollate Library)
Digestive disorders seem to be a feature of our times. Every day, doctors are confronted by people who complain about indigestion, and abdominal or intestinal disorders. An idea, which in this respect is spreading, often improperly, is that many of these disorders are attributable to food (what we eat and how we eat it). But is it always like that? The scientific world dutifully tends to scale back the spread of the concept of 'food intolerance', which can lead to unwarranted dietary habits and sometimes even harmful. It will therefore be useful to a deepening to enter the world of the true food allergies, emphasising the clinical picture, how to diagnose and treatment possibilities. Among these we will devote greater attention to celiac disease, a typical example of intolerance to a food ingredient, gluten, found in many cereals.

Presented by: Dr. Renzo Gullotta Specialist in Gastroenterology,
Responsible for Digestive Endoscopy Clinic S. Carlo Paderno Dugnano
Consultant "Court of Health Medical Centre" - Bollate.


THYROID AND BODY WEIGHT: truth and legend
How many times you hear "I'm overweight, I have slow metabolism due to my thyroid"? This is almost never true and the thyroid, the "unit" that regulates our metabolism, even in obese individuals, is working normally. Only in very few cases it can a decline in its functioning be shown.

So what? Obesity is, in most cases, an imbalance between incoming calories (eating too much) and output (moving around too little).

Give a person in thyroid hormones overweight to "speed up" the metabolism makes little sense. It 's true: you could easily lose a few kilograms but this is a "false" weight loss, occasionally with serious side effects. Being overweight does not "create" another disorder, like the hyperthyroidism induced by thyroid hormones.

A balanced diet, conducted for long periods, remains the cornerstone of therapy, along with the promotion of regular exercise.

Presented by:

Dr. Umberto Raggi,Specialist in Endocrinology, Consultant at the Polyspecialist Medical Centre "Corte della Salute" - Bollate


DEPRESSIONhow to recognise it, how to cure it
Depression - "The Dark Evil", "mal de vivre" - currently affects approximately 15% of the population, is one of the most common disorders in the world and continues to increase. Anyone who has had it knows how painful it is for the person concerned and how uncomfortable it makes those around them. Apparently without causing physical damage, depression manages to ruin the existence of the person affected, taking away their taste for life and causing disability, resulting in equally serious damage - not only for the economy, but for society.

Depression often manifests itself in an insidious form and is not recognised, or is mistaken for another, and therefore not treated effectively: identifying and handling it with specific therapies means recovering the colours of life after darkness.
Presented by: Dr. Leonardo Ghiringhelli, Specialist in Psychiatry
Consultant "Court of Health Medical Centre" - Bollate.
During the meeting a self-assessment questionnaire will be distributed


HEALTHY WEDNESAYS continue with great public success in Bollate.
This encourages us to continue with the task of making accurate information on topics related to health available, and give people the opportunity of meeting qualified specialists, who can be asked questions face-to-face, and obtain clarification.
The next meeting will be Wednesday, 30 March at 10 am in the Central Library
It will be with Dr. L. Cipolla, Gynecology Consultant at the Corta "della Salute Medical Centre", who will be talking about the menopause.

In Italy there are about 10 million menopausal women. The menopause is a completely natural process; sooner or later, every woman goes through this natural phase of change. Hormonal changes are only one aspect of the menopause, they should not be ignored, but shouldn't be overvalued either. Modern women are active and informed, and no longer willing to tolerate the symptoms of climacteric syndrome in silent resignation or accept them as an inevitable female destiny, as they are aware of the fact that excellent support tools are available nowadays. Women who enter menopause today belong to a modern generation that is more emancipated and has become familiar with their bodies, and is therefore prepared to actively manage critical times in their life. The focus of the meeting will be to give a quick review of the various issues related to the complex menopausal period, and offer viable solutions.


"What to do when it becomes an enemy" (24 February 2016)
This talk was given at the second meeting of Healthy Wednesday, entitled: CHOLESTEROL: "what to do when it becomes an enemy".
Presented by: Dr. Maria Teresa Landoni, Specialist in Cardiology - HLSacco- Consultant, Corte della Salute Medical Centre.

Cholesterol is a vital component of our body because, for example, it is essential for the synthesis of certain hormones, like progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol. But we know that it is also one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes: its accumulation in the vessels in fact leads to the formation of "plaque". When does cholesterol becomes harmful? When is its' increase actually treated? How is the degree of individual risk assessed? What can you do to lower your cholesterol? When are lifestyle changes alone sufficient, and when is drug therapy essential? What are the most useful drugs? These are some of the questions that you can give a clear and scientifically correct answer to

SMOKING: you can quit!

(20 January 2016)
Of particular relevance, the first meeting of Healthy Wednesday was devoted to the topic of smoking, and entitled: "SMOKING: you can quit!" Presented by: Dr. Manuela Reggente, Consultant LILT Psychologist (Italian League for Combating Cancer).

Sadly, diseases of the respiratory system, when compared to cardiovascular disease and cancer, are continuously soaring, due to air pollution and cigarette smoking. Everyone knows that smoking has a very negative impact on health status. Yet this is not enough to make the decision to quit. In Italy, around 11 million people, some 20% of the population, still smoke. Resistance to stopping the habit of smoking tobacco is linked to the strong addictiveness of nicotine, which is in effect, a drug. During the meeting, together with the psychologist, the topic was linked to cigarettes, to understand how the proper management of certain states of mind, with the support of experienced professionals, can be the key to finally saying goodbye to this unhealthy dependency and starting to take care of themselves.


"A healthy lifestyle"
This year, the Corte della Salute Medical Centre was in the front row, along with the Municipal Pharmacies and the Municipality of Bollate, to promote healthy lifestyles through the Walking Groups.
Walking is easy, affordable for everyone and is a great investment for your health. Participation is free and does not require medical certificate.
The usual meeting places in Bollate: Central Park and the Madonna in Campagna and Cassina Nuova: This year, Parchetto A Franck has also added Cascina del Sole: the square of the Church.

For now, it is only in the morning from 9.30 to 10.30, but in the future, who knows? Perhaps we can do something in the evening. Meanwhile, spread the word and send your sedentary relatives and friends, who never sign up at the Gym, but would probably take a walk in company very willingly.


This year, after the positive experiences of the past years, and thanks to the availability of Doctors from the "Corte della Salute Medical Centre", it has been possible to organise an annual academic course devoted to medicine. Every Wednesday from 15.00 to 16.00 hours, from November to May at the Leonardo da Vinci State School (rear entrance). Topic for AA 2015-16: Modern diagnostic and therapeutic technologies of the health service were presented, and the way in which technology, especially over recent decades, has greatly contributed to medical advances in the main specialisations was discussed.


"The Healthy Wednesday in Bollate"
This year, the "Corte della Salute Medical Centre", in collaboration with the Municipal Pharmacies of Bollate, is offering a new series of informative, monthly scientific meetings, open to the citizens. The last Wednesday of each month at the Public Library at 10.00, several specialists from the Corte della Salute will alternate in the following categories:

SMOKING: you can quit! (20 JANUARY)
CHOLESTEROL: what to do when it becomes
an enemy (24 FEBRUARY)
ALWAYS LIVING WELL... even in the menopause
(30 MARCH)
DEPRESSION: how to recognise it, how to cure it
(27 APRIL)
THYROID AND WEIGHT: truth and legend
(25 MAY)
myths and certainty (28 SEPTEMBER)
how to prevent it (26 OCTOBER)
WE LIKE EARS: prevent and cure deafness


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